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ELD basics in Field Warrior

Log In

To login, open the Field Warrior application and enter your username and password. On your very first log in you will also need to enter your Company Key (this will be provided by your dispatcher/manager) If you do not know your Company Key, please contact Forward Thinking Systems Support team.

When you have logged in you will be prompted to select a vehicle from the list, if you are using a tablet, please select your vehicle from the wireless connections section.

Once you are logged in, a Co-Driver can also be logged in by opening the menu draw in the top left-hand corner and selecting Co-Driver.

Hours of Service and selecting Duty Status

The Hours of Service screen is central to the home screen of the ELD. From here you can set your duty status, see time elapsed and remaining time, and manage your logs.

To select A Duty Status, tap one of the status above the graph, if the vehicle starts moving before you set the status to driving, Field Warrior will automatically set your status to driving.

Once the vehicle has stopped moving, Field Warrior will automatically switch from Driving to On Duty, but first it will display a message allowing you to stay in the Driving Status.

Hours of Service Graph

The Hours of Service Graph displays your logs for the current 24-hour period. You can choose a different day by selecting a date form the bottom of the graph.

Count Down Timers

Countdown Timers show you how much time is left in Driving and On-Duty. The timers will turn red when you are close to their limits.

Action Buttons

Located under the driver’s name are Action Buttons:
Switch Drivers – this allows you to switch between Co-Drivers
Manage Shipments – Add or Edit Shipment Records.
Manage Logs – View, Edit, and certify logs for the past 7/8 days.
Export logs – Send a copy of your logs via Email or Web services.
Inspection Mode – Reports showing all events for the past 7/8 days.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

To Complete A DVIR select the menu drawer in the top left-hand corner and choose Pre-Trip or Post-Trip for a vehicle or trailer.

Add Shipment Doc.

View and add shipping information by tapping the Manage Shipments button from the driver card action buttons. Tap the + button to add a new shipment. A shipment record must include a shipping document number and a date range during which the shipment will apply.

View and Edit Logs

To view, edit, certify and annotate logs tap the menu drawer in the top left-hand corner and select Manage my Logs. This will display all logs from the past 7/8 days.
To edit a log, tap the 3-dot menu icon on the far right and select Edit Log. NOTE: You can not edit the start time of an automatically generated duty status log.

Certify Your Logs

To Certify a log, tap the 3-dot menu icon on the far right and select Manage my Logs. Then, press the Certify button on the footer of the chosen day, and choose Agree when prompted to confirm.

Claim Unidentified Logs

If vehicle movement is detected while no driver is logged in to Field Warrior, or a malfunction prevents the driver from being identified, the unidentified logs will be captured and presented to you upon login. You must them claim or reject the activity as yours.

Accept / Reject Manager’s Log Edits

A manager can edit your logs using Intellihub. But those edits will not affect your logs unless you choose to accept them. To accept or reject the changes, select Manage my Logs from the menu drawer on the top left corner, and tap the log to expand it. You can accept and reject changes individually.

ELD Data Transfer Instructions

This screen shows a report for each 24-hour period. If there is unidentified driving time, an additional report will be displayed as Unidentified Driver. Each report contains an overview section, an hours of service Graph, and a list of all event logs for the day.
To export your logs, open the menu drawer in the top right-hand corner and select Export Logs. Then, choose Email or Webservices as an export method. A comment can be added to the exported file.

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