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Time-Lapse guide

This guide covers how to use the Time-Lapse feature that is available for FleetCam Pro (2019, 2022) and FleetCam Essential (2022). Time-Lapse allows the user to download and view historical video at up-to 15X speed.

(Note: Time-lapse is only available on device types with firmware that support it.  If you are unsure that you have a compatible device, please contact your representative for more information)


First access FleetCam by clicking on the Driver Behavior icon on the top navigation bar.

  1. In order to access the time-lapse feature, select a vehicle from your list on the left menu, then navigate tothe upper-right corner of the screen and click “Fetch Video History“.
  2. Next, select the date and time you want to start the time lapse from, then click the Time-lapse checkbox.
  3. (You’ll notice that when Time-lapse is checked off, “Video Duration” changes to Footage Duration and the maximum duration changes from 5 minutes to 60 minutes.)
  4. Use the Footage Duration slider to adjust the length of the Time-lapse footage. When you’re ready, click Fetch Video.
  5. Once the footage is downloaded, it can either be viewed from the download window or as a newly-created Time-lapse event in the list of events.
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