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Enterprise non-reporting troubleshooting

This guide is intended to help users troubleshoot a FleetCam Enterprise 5, 5 HD, and 8, with connection issues between FleetCam and Intellihub.  If these troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, please submit a ticket using the CREATE TICKET link at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you do not have the technical experience with telematics device installations necessary to complete these troubleshooting steps, do not interact with or modify. the installation. Instead please contact FTS support. We can help with scheduling a technician visit to your vehicle through our nationwide installer network.

Step 1

Verify that the vehicle is in an area with good coverage.

  • Is the vehicle in a building with a metal roof or sides?
  • Is the vehicle in underground parking or a parking garage?
  • Is the vehicle in a remote location where signal can be interrupted?

If the vehicle is in an area with good coverage and the device is not receiving power, please continue to step 2 to verify why it is not receiving power.

If the vehicle is in an area with good coverage and the device is receiving power, please continue to step 3 to check LEDs.

Step 2

Verify why the device is not getting power:

  • Is the vehicle powered on?
  • Is the device connected correctly?
  • Check for any damage to the wiring for the above connections.
    (If cables are damaged, contact support to set up a replacement).
  • Are the constant and ignition wires providing power?
  • Have any fuses in the vehicle blown?

If the fuses are intact, the wiring is undamaged, and there’s still no power to the device, contact support with the troubleshooting steps taken thus far.

If the device has power, proceed to STEP 3 to check the LEDs.

Step 3 (LED light status)

Verify what combination of LED lights are on and in what state (e.g., flashing or stable).

Icons are shown in the diagram below. (Enterprise 5, 5HD and 8 all share the same LED layout.)

Confirm proper Power LED status

BLUE LED (Power)StatusNext step
SolidDevice receiving powerNormal status. Proceed to GPS LED status.
OffNo power to deviceIf troubleshooting in Step 2 did not resolve the issue and the vehicle is in an area with good coverage, please contact FTS Support.

Confirm proper Network LED status

GREEN LED (Network)StatusNext step
OffSearching for ConnectionIf troubleshooting in Step 1 did not resolve the issue and the vehicle is in an area with good coverage, proceed to Step 4 to check the SIM and antenna connection settings.
OnConnected to networkIf this status light is ON and you still have no network connectivity then contact FTS Support.

*Wi-Fi and Alarm LED statuses are not relevant for troubleshooting.

Step 4

Ensure that the SIM card is seated properly. The SIM card port can be accessed with the Torx Key 6 included in the FleetCam hardware kit.

Ensure that both LTE & GPS antennas are securely plugged in.

If this does not resolve the issue, the FleetCam’s connection settings must be verified via the Titan application. Please contact support to obtain Titan credentials.

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