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Remote Wake guide

This guide covers how to use the Remote wake feature available for the FleetCam Pro (2019, 2022). Remote wake is a feature that allows the FleetCam Pro to remain in a low-powered sleep state while the vehicle is turned off. This allows you to wake the camera and access its contents or live-stream its cameras without directly needing to turn the vehicle on.


If the FleetCam has sleep mode enabled, a small box  will appear to the right of the vehicle name in the upper-left part of the FleetCam screen when a single vehicle is selected.

To wake up the camera, click on the      to the right of “SLEEP MODE” and select “WAKEUP CAMERA“.

FleetCam will attempt to wake the camera. While it’s waking, a spinning loading icon will appear to the right of SLEEP MODE.

If the device was successfully woken from Sleep Mode, the power indicator will switch from “SLEEP MODE” to “ON“.

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