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Geotab – FleetCam settings guide

This guide details how to access and manage FleetCam Settings in the Geotab for FleetCam add-on.

Accessing FleetCam Settings

To view FleetCam Settings, first select the Settings button at the bottom-left corner of the FleetCam Portal can be accessed by Admin Users.

Select FleetCam Settings on the left side of the Settings window.

Using FleetCam Settings

In FleetCam Settings, users are shown a list of Event Types available on their account and the following settings options:

  • Generate Event: Determines if an event should be generated for this Event Type, and if so, whether it should be a video or non-video event. .
  • In-Cab Alert: Whether the in-cab audio notification plays for the driver when the event is triggered.
  • Sensitivity: How sensitive the trigger for the event is. Low sensitivity will trigger fewer events, and high sensitivity will trigger more events.
  • Minimum Speed: The minimum speed a vehicle must be traveling at before the event can be triggered
  • Minimum Duration: The minimum duration the event must persist for before triggering.
  • Special Condition: Special conditions for certain Event Types which modify when event alert is triggered.

The settings listed above are available for most Event Types, but not all (e.g., there are no in-cab alerts for the No Driver Detected Event Type).

These FleetCam settings apply to all devices in the account except for devices which have been given different settings individually, in which case, those settings will override the account-wide settings for that device.

Generate Event

The Generate Event column/setting determines whether an should be generated, and if so, whether it will have video.

  • Disabled: Event will not generate
  • Video: Event will generate with video
  • Non-Video: Event will generate without video

An exclamation point indicates if there are any cameras in the account that don’t support this Event Type:

In-Cab Alert

The In-Cab alert column/setting determines whether an audio notification within the vehicle will play when a driver triggers the event.


The sensitivity column/setting determines the threshold for generating and event.

  • Low: Low sensitivity – will generate fewer events
  • Medium: Medium sensitivity — the default setting
  • High: High sensitivity – will generate more events
  • Gear (Custom): Specify a custom sensitivity threshold

If you’ve applied a custom sensitivity, click on the    icon to revert to a low/middle/high setting.

An exclamation point indicates if there are any vehicles that have their own custom sensitivity settings applied for the event type:

Minimum Speed

The Minimum Speed setting specifies how fast a vehicle must be traveling before the event can be generated.

Minimum Duration

The Minimum Duration column/setting specifies how long the behavior must persist before the event can be generated.

Special Condition

The Special Condition column/settings modify additional settings on certain Event Types.

  • Camera Covered
    • Check when not moving: Turning this setting on will cause FleetCam devices to check for Camera Covered events even while the vehicle is stationary.
  • Driver Distracted
    • All: Driver Distracted events will be triggered by the driver looking up, down, left, or right
    • Up + Down: Driver Distracted events can only be triggered by the driver looking up or down
    • Left + Right: Driver distracted events can only be triggered by the driver looking left or right
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