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Improve Fleet Safety and Driver Performance with Vehicle Tracking

By Ashley Benjamin | October 24, 2018

Studies show that fleet safety improves when on-board monitoring systems are installed in a vehicle and the driver is given proper training and continued coaching.

3 Benefits of Using Maintenance Automation for Fleet Owners and Automotive Service Professionals

By Ashley Benjamin | September 26, 2018

Maintenance Automation is a tool designed to simplify the lives of fleet owners and the automotive service professionals overseeing all those vehicles. With everything from automated maintenance reminders to real-time alerts when problems arise, we’ve outlined the three benefits of adding maintenance automation to your fleet’s toolbox.

6 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Sleep Better

By Ashley Benjamin | April 3, 2018

37% of working U.S. adults only get six hours or less of sleep a night, putting lives at risk and costing companies thousands of dollars a year. Here are six ways you can help your employees fight fatigue and be more productive on the job.

How to Understand and Improve Your CSA Scores

By Robert Isler | April 4, 2017

Roadside inspections may begin with a visible violation, but they don’t always end there. The penalty points can add up quickly. Learn the what, why, and how of CSA scores – in plain English – to reduce violations and start improving your scores.