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30% of Deaths in Bus and Truck Crashes in 2019 Were in Three States
The FMCSA has released new data on bus and large truck crashes in 2019, and three states had, by far, the highest number of deadly crashes out of anywhere else in the United States. We break down the numbers of the three deadliest states and answer how to help avoid becoming a statistic.
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7 Safety Features to Help Your Fleet Save Money on Insurance Premiums
Insurance costs are a constant battle for fleet companies. We break down the technology options that are the most likely to save you money and protect your safety record.
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5 Ways to Make School Buses Safer with GPS Tracking
School bus GPS tracking helps school districts improve student safety and bus driver accountability, simplify dispatch operations, and help answer parent questions.
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Improve Fleet Safety and Driver Performance with Vehicle Tracking
Studies show that fleet safety improves when on-board monitoring systems are installed in a vehicle and the driver is given proper training and continued coaching.
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3 Benefits of Using Maintenance Automation for Fleet Owners and Automotive Service Professionals
Maintenance Automation is a tool designed to simplify the lives of fleet owners and the automotive service professionals overseeing all those vehicles. With everything from automated maintenance reminders to real-time alerts when problems arise, we’ve outlined the three benefits of adding maintenance automation to your fleet’s toolbox.
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6 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Sleep Better
37% of working U.S. adults only get six hours or less of sleep a night, putting lives at risk and costing companies thousands of dollars a year. Here are six ways you can help your employees fight fatigue and be more productive on the job.
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How to Understand and Improve Your CSA Scores
Roadside inspections may begin with a visible violation, but they don't always end there. The penalty points can add up quickly. Learn the what, why, and how of CSA scores - in plain English - to reduce violations and start improving your scores.
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