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Forward Thinking Systems Remains Operational During COVID-19 Pandemic
Forward Thinking Systems is considered an essential business that serves government agencies and critical infrastructure workers, so we will remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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FMCSA Offers Temporary Hours of Service Relief in Wake of Coronavirus
The FMCSA is offering temporary hours of service relief to help during the national emergency caused by COVID-19. We share some FMCSA links that outline exemption details and include helpful information for drivers.
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FleetCam® Now Available on Garmin® fleet™ 790 through Forward Thinking System Workforce Automation App Field Warrior®
FleetCam® is now available on the Garmin® fleet™ 790 through the Forward Thinking Systems workforce automation app Field Warrior®; elevating the commercial navigation device into a live streaming video telematics system and workforce management tool.
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What it Took to Design a Compliant Electronic Logging Device Solution
Creating a compliant ELD that met regulations laid out by the FMCSA was no small task. Learn more about what it took for our developers to create the Field Warrior® ELD solution.
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Forward Thinking Systems Releases First Cradlepoint-Compatible ELD Software
Introducing the first ELD-compliant solution on the market that’s compatible with Cradlepoint’s advanced mobile routers.
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FTS Internships Give Students A Glimpse Into the World of Professional Software Development
Forward Thinking Systems continues to the future with its summer internship program; bringing on talented young people to work on important projects with fresh eyes and new ideas while experiencing life in a professional, fast-paced work environment.
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